A calculated weighted mean age of 658 ± 15 ka is considered as the valid age of the basalt, which also sets the older constraint on the archaeological horizon age. Nevertheless, in order to establish a more precise estimation for the actual age of the archaeological horizon it is essential to estimate the time elapse between the formation of the basalt flow and the occupation of the Acheulian layer in section 5-02. Since the basalt appears to be unaffected by neither weathering nor erosion, we argue that this basalt flow was covered by sediments shortly after its formation.

Papers and Information

Sharon G., Feibel C., N Alperson, Harlavan Y., Feraud G., S Ashkenazi, and R Rabinovich
2010 New evidence for the Northern Dead Sea Rift Acheulian. PaleoAnthropology:79–99. DOI:10.4207/PA.2010.ART35.